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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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confirmed touchdown. a tornado is to blame for the damage and devastation caused during a storm. hundreds try to clean up while others wonder when they can get home. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about. >> we now know it was a tornado. some areas look like an absolute war zone. chopper13 back over those apartments today. the tornado ripped the roof off of buildings there.
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they are still a long way from recovering. wjz is live in baltimore. kelly mcpherson caught up with people overwhelmed by this whole experience. >> reporter: as you can see behind me there is still a lot of damage here. these are some of the homes that have been condemned. no one is in here but we did meet several families that are back in their homes for the first time tonight. >> wednesday morning's tornado took this neighborhood and turned it upside down. roof flying in the air. massive trees torn from the ground. now it's the first night home for some since the apartments were evacuated. the gilliards have lost thousands in furniture, clothes and electronics. >> everything is in the dumpster. this is all we had left was the living room. this is all we had was the board, and they want us to stay
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here with it boarded up like this. i don't feel safe and i don't feel comfortable. >> reporter: residents are coming home to big xs on the door, that means the gas is still on. >> all the windows blew. so they just went straight through. >> reporter: he says that workers are going quickly but not everyone is satisfied. >> look at it. look at it. >> reporter: karen brown's broken door opens to shattered windows and haunting memories. >> the went came in here, picked me up and threw me over there. >> reporter: and she still cannot find her cat. >> you really can't do anything about it because it's an act of nature. >> reporter: a lot of security because people are concerned about polluting. we did meet one family tonight
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who told me they already had a big screen tv stolen from their apartment. they will be out here tonight to make sure nothing else like that happens. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, eyewitness news. >> okay, kelly. thank you. and as we mentioned late tonight, the national weather service did confirm the tornado is behind all of this damage. tim williams reports what else was in play. >> the national weather service confirms this was a combination of straight winds created by a microburst. they hit the ground and started to create destruction as it moved along the path of the ground. an ef1 tornado which is in the enhanced scale, roughly 100- miles-per-hour wind. up to moderate damage done by this storm. it was on the ground only for about one minute. the storm path went for about 5 miles. the storms winds were clocked at just around 100 miles
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ranging from the western edge of northern state university and gun powder state park. >> thank you, tim. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the forewarning weather. for more on this storm log on to a nasty accident in hartford county traps a driver during tonight's rush hour. you can see an suv veered way off the road and then flipped over. firefighters rescued at least one person that was trapped inside. no word on their condition tonight. five-year-old charlie has bite wounds covering his face and belly. he is one of six dogs found chained without food or water and a feaces covered home.
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a man shoots his wife and himself all while an 8-year-old boy was in the house. his wife suffered critical gunshot wound. she's been treated at shock trauma. the child did manage to run from the house, -- the child did manage to run from the house, he is safe tonight. manuel gallegos reports on how police made the discovery. >> reporter: white sheets covered the ground in a wooded area in knox county ohio. >> today this investigation took a major turn. >> reporter: information from matthew hoffman led police to a missing mother, her son and a family friend. >> the bodies were located in a wooded area inside of garbage being bags in a hollow tree. >> reporter: herman was reported missing after she
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didn't show up for her shift at this dairy queen. >> we loved tina very much. >> reporter: police were encouraged when they found her 13-year-old daughter sarah tied up but alive in hoffman's basement. but as the days went on, hopes faded that they would find any other survivors. the prosecutors wouldn't say whether hoffman confessed to the killings. he's been held on $1 million bond on a kidnapping charge, more charges are pending. investigators say the surviving girl is doing well considering what she's been through. a journalism teacher and former baltimore sun editor lands in the middle of a sexting scandal. he is accused of sending
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explicit text messages to a female student. cook resigned after he confirmed the two had been in a relationship for several weeks. ray rice gave a police officer -- it now appears the baltimore county police chief wants to take a closer look at the incident. >> it all started at a shopping center parking lot in owings mills. an officer stopped rice and gave him a warning. rice took to his twitter account. >> i took it upon myself to offer an photograph for his son. >> reporter: this immediately sparked questions on whether the nfl star was given special
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treatment. police chief james johnson told the baltimore sun that he's not sure if the photograph was a gratuitus act or a friendly act from one person to another. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 42 degrees with a few clouds in central maryland right now. the complete weather forecast is coming up. but first if a job is on your christmas list you are in luck. unemployment spiked to numbers not seen in decades. but positions are opening up. >> reporter: companies across the country are hiring seasonal workers. that doesn't necessarily signal an end to america's unemployment problem. but here in maryland, it's welcomed news. the mad dash of holiday shopping is right around the
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corner. but consumers can't purchase merchandise if there's no one to sell it to. >> they need to have employees to service those customers that come into the stores. >> reporter: that means sears, ups and best buy are all advertising seasonal jobs. from warehouse workers to cashier, everyone customer service. since august best buy and white marsh has hired 30 employees for the holidays. >> we hire a lot of seasonal employees to handle the influx of customers during the holiday season. >> reporter: here palace of merchandise sits ready in anticipation of holiday shopping. historically, maryland's unemployment rate trends lower than the national average. right now in maryland it's about 7.3%. el employers say the person who's done their research -- ploys say the person who's done their research will make a good employee. >> make sure you have a good solid resume and just be professional. >> reporter: of course you can
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go online to search for jobs. but they say don't look at the idea by going door to door. in these economic time, a job clearly would be the gift that keeps ongoing. back to you. >> indeed. the jobs discussed tonight are seasonal. experts believe there's the potential for some of them to become permanent. it was a full contact debate during a session in argentina. graciela camano approached a colleague. she slapped carlos conkel right in the mouth. graciela was upset because camano criticized her husband who was a union leader. don't do that. christina ross appeared in court today to face felony charges. prosecutors say she posed as a plastic surgeon and talked to
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women about breast augmentation surgery. outraged growth over the corruption probe. there is a petition to prevent leslie johnson from assuming her elected position. she and her husband before arrested last week in a federal probe. johnson is accused of trying to hide money and destroy evidence. she is scheduled to take office in december. a hunt is on for a man who shot and killed a woman and stuffed the body in a box. tuesday state highway workers found his body along i70 just outside of fredricks. the 34-year-old is considered armed and dangerous. marvin palencia is their suspect. this bionic boy is making
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history, he's one of the first to get an electronic arm. michael waldrin wears more than just a trick up his sleeve. >> i call it my prosthetic robo hand. >> reporter: he's one of the first people in the world that has a hand that's robotic. >> people ask me if i can crush things with it. how strong is it. >> reporter: michael learned to at that particular time growing up, playing musical treatment -- michael learned to adapt growing up, playing musical instrument and playing lacrosse. >> so i did a random google search. up pops a company named touch bionics. >> reporter: within minutes he
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was doing things he hasn't done before. >> when you first put this on i had to be a great feeling. >> a lot of people won't realize how much mechanics are involved in picking up a bottle. opening it up. that's when i knew this would work. >> the look on his face, my heart exploded. because for a lot of people that is not a big deal but for him it is. >> all of this running off of sensors. >> reporter: the device picks up sensors in nerves. >> what can you do now that you can't do before? >> opening a bag of chips. holding cards. >> how has this changed your life? >> i like doing things that i've never done before. but i'm still me with or without it. >> reporter: but with it, it's
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headed out to college. if you can't beat them join them. that's what my space is doing with facebook. they are also allowing users to log on to facebook through their home page. my space recently underwent a redesign. they are planning to become the location for music and star gossip. nasa says some of the ice chunks were the size of basketballs. >> people were running to the grocery store. >> i guess so. you're assuming they are people. >> or something. >> don't think so.
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but the last time and tonight, there is a meteor shore going on. if you head out to the east, look to the east. if you're out way in the dark country side you look to the east and you might see some shooting stars the next few hours. take a look at temps, dropped a little bit down to 42. dewpoint at 34. that's probably how chilly we'll get tonight. humidity 73-degree. west winds are down to seven. the barometer is on the way back up now 31.8-inches. 58-38 today the averages. 55 and 34, and the record 78 and 20 degrees back in 1959. 42 here, freezing out in oakland 42. had a few flakes of snow there. nothing major. 43 up in cumberland.
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once again the dewpoint pretty indicative of how chilly it'll get later tonight. the winds are pretty much dying down and the skies just about totally clear in most places. still a bit of a breeze. as long as we have the wind it keeps friction on the ground. keeps temperatures up a bit. temperatures are allowed to really drop. cup right now cumberland with dead still conditions. northern portions of montana, northern sections, north- western sections of montana some snow. they're going to start getting more snow across portions of the northern plains. very cold air sitting up in western yukon. it's boing to move down in this general direction by the middle of next week. by the weekend it's going to get quite cold air. looks like for our part of the
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country it won't get cold until right after thanksgiving. we have a weak front, pretty much dried out. right now a couple of snow flakes. for the most part, clear, partly cloudy skies tonight. tomorrow a nice day but a little cooler than today. so friday a cooler day. saturday just a bit of a warm up. then this next front which will cool us down temporarily for sunday. after sunday, the same high pressure is going to move off the east coast. the winds go back to the west southwest. that means mild air comes in for next week. tomorrow beautiful weather. sunshine, high pressure all across the east. very delightful but kind of cool. on the bay, small craft advisory. overnight tonight. the bay temp right around the
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low 50s. tonight, clearing out. basically clear. 56 in most places. low 40s in the city. 52, lots of sunshine. tomorrow afternoon a nice fall day and nice fall weekend. 58 on saturday, 53 on sunday. sunny to partly cloudy. 51, 65 now on tuesday. maybe a shower by tuesday night and again a chance of showers wednesday and yes on thanksgiving day. denise. >> thank you, bob. check in with don scott and danny bass tomorrow for the updated first warning forecast. updated first warning forecast. ♪ ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases.
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because with $59 fares available every day of the week, these fares are going to go fast. book your $59 southwest getaway only at [ ding ] ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now get a safeway frozen turkey for just 47 cents a pound. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. the ravens purple friday. >> you never assume that a game is going to be easy. this one has the looks of it for the ravens. the upcoming opponent has
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reached deep into the quarterback closet to start on sunday. he was at home changing his kids's diapers. he's a former raven, he's bryan st. pierre -- his kid's diapers. brian st. pierre will start for carolina against the ravens on sunday. that's good news for the ravens defense. the team was on the practice field in owings mill today. it's not the dominating defense that's been the ravens hall mark. ray lewis though isn't worried. >> we just have to keep playing football. everything is going to roll out the way it's going to roll. we went through the roughest time of our schedule that we were going to go through. now it's time for us to start building on that. >> the ravens are heavy favorites when they head south
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to face the panthers. see the clashing carolina right here. coverage kicks off at 1:00. big game for maryland's tucker. terps trying to knock off the fifth ranked team in the nation. game tied, 10 minutes to play, too many mistakes by maryland. woodall takes it from the freshman hodard. maryland never led in the second half. they lose it. first loss of the year for the terps. terps football news, head coach ralph stregen will be back for another year.
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maryland's new athletic director says that friedgen gets another season. seattle mariners felix hernandez nominated as the best al cy young winner. >> exciting. thank you, mark. playing the piano takes a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's art that requires tools. the mosaic is a modified bill where she replaced washington with homer. and a piano player is about to set on a world tour. what makes him incredible is the way he has to play the piano. he lost his arms in an accident. he was discovered on ,,,,,,,,,,,
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